The toilet is one of the most used plumbing installations around your house and definitely one of the most important ones. However, because the pot is used very often by so many people, it is going to break down at some point in time. This is when you need to repair it either by yourself or by hiring a professional emergency plumber around Sydney. However, in our blog, we will teach you what you need to know about emergency plumbing, no matter if you are in Sydney or anywhere else.

How to repair a leaking toilet?

When water leaks from beneath the toilet, the first measure you can take to repair it is tightening the closet bolts securing the toilet onto your bathroom floor. You can use a putty knife or a screwdriver and pry off the caps that cover the bolt. After that, you must use a wrench to tighten each of the bolts individually and slowly. Do not apply a lot of pressure as that can lead to racking the toilet’s base, which would most likely need a new plumbing installation by a professional plumber.

In most cases, the leak stops after tightening the bolt. However, if it does not, then it is time for you to remove your toilet and replace the wax gasket responsible for the leakage.

A leaking toilet can be frustrating, but it’s usually a pretty simple fix. Here are three ways to keep your toilet from leaking:

  1. Adjust the float arm. Many toilets have an adjustment screw on the side of the tank that controls the float arm. This adjusts how high the water level rises in the bowl when you flush. If your tank is leaking or running constantly, try turning this screw up to allow less water into the bowl. If you’ve already gone as far as you can with this adjustment, try adjusting the fill valve inside of the back of your tank instead.
  2. Replace malfunctioning parts. If neither of these adjustments works, you may need to replace some parts. Check out our guide to toilet tank parts and learn which ones you can replace yourself and which ones should be left to professionals . Even if you do need a professional plumber, having an idea about what needs fixing will help you explain your problem and set expectations for the repair job.
  3. Seal up any potential leaks. If your toilet isn’t leaking but still seems like it’s using too much water, you might.

Getting a toilet to stop running is a common plumbing repair, and with a few simple tools, you can have it up and running in no time.

If your toilet still leaks, we recommend contacting an expert emergency plumber who will be at your doorstep within a few hours, no matter where you are based in Sydney!

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