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Is your sink taking a while to drain, thinking on how to clean drain with a safer and healthier method? 

As we are all aware, overflowing drains, unpleasant odours, gurgling noises, and water levels in your sink rising or dropping below normal levels are common signs of a blockage. There will be a sudden influx of water that can cause damage to your sink. Then, you should fix the problem as soon as possible. But how to clean drain? 

Here are some better methods on how to clean the drain at your sink.

How to Clean Drain at your sink?



Blocked Drains Sydney

Blocked Drains Sydney

Flushing the drains with boiling water is one of the simplest and least time-consuming ways of how to clean a drain. While it is not a guaranteed method of unclogging blockages, a good flush with hot water can do the trick if you have a slow drain with a minor blockage. With metal pipes and lushing with boiling water works well, but with PVC pipes, too hot water will soften or melt joints. If you’re not sure, make sure the water isn’t too hot and use water that’s around the same temperature as your hot water tap.

Hydro Plumbing Services is your Hot Water Installation Sydney provider, and we will assist you with all of your hot water needs, whether it’s a new installation, replacement, or repair. If you’re unsure which system is best for you and your budget, send us a call. We will guide you through the process of selecting the most practical hot water system for your needs.


There are many commercial drain cleaners available. But some of them are only successful on some types of blocked drains. Most plumbers would often suggest that using a commercial drain cleaner should be used as a last option. If you think your clogged drain causes a minor problem, it is worth being environmentally conscious and making your natural ingredients. It just takes a few pantry staples (baking soda and vinegar), some boiling water, and it’s a pretty simple process that requires a little effort.

At Hydro Plumbing Services, we typically clear blocked drains with a high-pressure water-jetter that we keep on all of our fully fitted vehicles. We employ cutting-edge technology to cause as little damage to your immediate surroundings as possible.

Problems with your drain? No need to worry. Our blocked drain Sydney service has arrived. We will clear your clogged drains from $69.


Blocked Drains Sydney

Blocked Drains Sydney

When unclogging a drain, there are two types of plungers available. The first is known as a cup plunger. These have a flat rubber suction cup on the bottom and are intended for use in baths, sinks, and shower drains (where the surfaces are usually flat) to ensure a seamless fit with a wide enough surface to cover the drain hole. Plunging a drain employs both suction and compression forces because when you pull up on a plunger, it draws water in the drain upward while also assisting the removal of clogging the drain. When you press down on it, there’s an inward movement of water that causes the clog to move in the opposite direction.

The second type of plunger is a toilet plunger, which comes in two basic forms, but both have longer handles and rubber bottoms to match the shape and size of the trap opening inside your toilet bowl. However, a cup plunger is slightly different from a ball plunger. A ball has an additional piece of rubber called a flange that aids the proper formation of the seal, while a bellows plunger has an accordion-type cup and a flange.

Regardless of the circumstances, Hydro Plumbing Services offers fast and reliable solutions for blocked drains. We give a $50 discount on every facility when contacting us online. It’s so easy! Simply contact us online to schedule your work. We are open 24/7!


Blocked Drains Sydney

blocked drains sydney

If you think your drains are clogged due to hair or other smaller clogs caused by items like bits of soap, hardware stores offer a tool known as Drain snakes. Slowly drive the drain snake down the drain to remove the drain protector, clear out any blockages you can reach with your fingers until you encounter resistance. Bring it back up slowly, extract as much of the clog as possible, and then flush the drain, repeating the process as required.

Be cautious once more! Drain snakes are built only for light drain unclogging jobs, and using them with too much force can cause damage to pipes or the drain itself. If you have one drain that is clogging and threatening to overflow, and you don’t know how to use a drain snake, Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hydro Plumbing Services. In no time, our trained and qualified technicians can clear your clog. It’s all part of our fast response plumbing services.

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So, what is the best solution?

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Hydro Plumbing Services provides you with the most reliable, trustworthy, and high-quality Emergency Plumbing in Sydney. We strive to provide the most effective and dependable service possible without sacrificing protection or efficiency. We are all aware that slow running or blocked sink drains are a common household problem caused by hair or grooming products that ultimately develop and obstruct. Some of you rely on chemical solutions to solve the problem quickly, but how to unclog the bathroom sink drain?

 There are plenty of other non-corrosive and quicker methods to unclog drains. It can be extremely inconvenient when your drains are sluggish or blocked. Please contact Hydro Plumbing Service if you are experiencing any of these problems. We guarantee prompt delivery, outstanding customer service, and long-lasting plumbing repairs. We do everything when it comes to plumbing. We take pride and enjoy what we do. 

Hydro Plumbing Service is available at all hours of the day and night to provide whatever service you need. There are no boundaries on what we can do. From minimal maintenance to comprehensive plumbing repairs and installation, we have the capacity and experience to support clients in all types of environments for all types of plumbing systems.

emergency plumber sydney, Emergency Plumbing sydney

emergency plumber sydney, Emergency Plumbing sydney

Our plumbers are still on call 24/7, and all of our vehicles are completely fitted with cutting-edge equipment to assist with any complicated and unforeseen circumstances at any time. We are also offering a $50 DISCOUNT on every facility when you book online. It is ridiculously easy! To book online, simply contact us by sending a message to [email protected] or on Facebook. Book now! 


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