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Clogged toilets are a regular phenomenon in any household. Especially when you have many people over, and the toilet comes into regular use, we are sure that you have experienced the toilet breaking down. Our team of expert plumbers are here to explain you the reasons why your toilet keeps clogging and how you can possibly avoid this situation.

The most common causes of a clogged toilet are –

  1. An older toilet model which has a low flow and a broken toilet system itself
  2. Items that are not supposed to be flushed down the drain are flushed like sanitary napkins, a bunch of hair strands, etc.
  3. Too much toilet paper flushed down the drain also clogs the toilet
  4. A blockage in the toilet vent
  5. A clogged sewer line due to external or internal reasons
  6. A clogged or worn-out toilet trap
  7. Old models of low-flow toilets with a fixture do not sustain heavy/regular toilet use. Some older versions of the low-flow toilet cannot handle the pressure that is needed to push the material down the drain and trap. Inefficient flush pressure is also one of the main reasons why your toilet clogs.

Why does my toilet keep clogging?

What can you do to solve the clogging toilet issue?

  1. Replacements: If you believe that your toilet has worn out, the best solution to avoid clogging toilets is completely replacing the toilet system. Upgrade your bathroom by installing toilets that can handle high flush pressure and conserve water side by side to ensure that the toilet does not clog and you do not end up wasting tons of water either.
  2. Stop flushing non-flushable items: Your toilet is meant to flush a handful of things, and that is what you should stick with. This handful of items only include human waste and a restricted amount of toilet paper. When you start flushing down other items, the toilet breaks down and clogs since it is not made to dispose of such items. If such a clog forms due to improper disposal of items, use a flanged plunger to unclog the toilet. A toilet auger can also be used to break up the disposed of material and clear the drain to get the toilet working as before.
  3. Stop using excessive toilet paper: Yes, even the use of toilet paper more than required and more than the toilet can handle clogs the toilet’s working system. Even though toilet paper is made to go down the drain without clogging it, excess use of the same does not dissolve like it is meant to. It sticks to the toilet and drain lines, resulting in a clog. In such a case, educating family members about only using the required amount of toilet paper is necessary. You can also avoid using ultra plus toilet paper and must fold the normal toilet paper into several folds to create thickness. Avoid balling the toilet paper at all costs.

Prevent toilet clogs with Hydro Plumbing Services today!

If you practice the points mentioned above, you are less likely to find your toilets clogging. However, if you still do and are unable to identify what the main issue is – you do not have to worry. Our team of professional plumbers is only a call away, waiting to help you solve all your plumbing issues in no time. We have the required licenses and training to assist with your fixtures.

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